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JSB Match Diabolo


Exact King Heavy MKII .25 Cal, 33.95gr - 150 Count

MkII pellet has a skirt diameter that is only 6.5mm, making ..

JSB Exact King Heavy .25 Cal, 33.95gr

The original King Heavy
33.95 grains

JSB Exact .177 Cal, 8.44gr - 4.53mm

One of the most accurate pellets available now offered in 4...

JSB Exact .177 Cal 8.44gr - 4.51mm

One of the most accurate pellets available. This variant now..

JSB Hades .22 Cal, 15.89gr - 500ct

Brand new from JSB in 2019! These Hades pellets have been de..

Exact Jumbo Heavy .22 Cal, 18.13gr - 500ct

The #1 pellet for .22 Cal airguns for the past few years. JS..

Exact King .25 Cal, 25.4g - 350ct

King of the .25 calibre pellets
Among one of the best pelle..

Exact .22 Cal, 15.89gr - 500ct

One of the best airgun pellets on the market. Quality and de..

Exact RS .177 Cal, 7.33gr

Slightly lighter than the popular 8.44 grain Exact. The RS d..

Exact Heavy .177 Cal, 10.34gr

Accurate and heavy providing the best performance.

Exact Jumbo RS .22 Cal, 13.43gr

JSB quality and exact design now in a 13.43 grain pellet

Exact Jumbo Express .22 Cal, 14.35gr

Recommended for any .22 cal airgun with very good results in..

Exact Express .177 Cal, 7.87gr

Solid choice for use in any airgun

JSB Diabolo SCHaK .177 Cal, 8.26gr

Made to the exact same Match Diabolo specs but a little less..

Exact Heavy .30 Cal, 50.15gr

.30 cal Heavies ready to head downrange!

Exact .177 Cal, 8.44gr - 4.52mm

Top rated .177 cal pellet is the JSB 8.44gr Exact

Exact .30 Cal, 44.75gr

The preferred pellet for those shooting .30 cal airguns - Th..

Exact Redesigned Monster .177 Cal, 13.43gr

These 13.43 grain pellets are ideal for small game hunting a..

JSB Green Match Diabolo Light Weight .177 Cal, 7.72gr, 4.48mm

These pellets are considered the top ammunition for air rifl..

Exact Monster .177 Cal, 13.43

JSB pellets are considered to be one of the premier pellets ..
C$18.00 C$16.00

Exact Premium .177 Cal - 8.44gr

Individually selected match grade pellets for optimal qualit..
C$24.95 C$19.50

JSB Test Sampler - .177 Cal

JSB Match Diabolo pellets have a reputation of being uniform..

Since 1991 JSB has been offering the European market the finest air gun pellet on the market. Old world methods guarantee the same quality pellets that have been produced in the Czech Republic for centuries. Now JSB has become recognized as a market leader and manufacturer of unquestionable quality in the USA as well.

This fact has been proven by the top shooters, experts in this field, air shooting enthusiasts and weapons manufacturers including olympic teams from around the world. Just follow any air gun blog and you will see the respect that JSB pellets have from the pros.

This quality is ensured by the use of well trained employees literally inspecting each and every pellet produced under magnifying glasses. Any defective pellets are immediately rejected and only perfect pellets are allowed in each JSB tin. Each tin is weighed to guarantee that all JSB pellets are consistent in weight and dimension. No other pellet in the world can make this quality claim!

You will be amazed at the consistent quality and performance that each and every caliber and style of pellet has that is offered by JSB!

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Priority Shipping
Largest Inventory in Canada
Latest Products
Experts in Airguns