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PG2 - Diana 34 Tune Kit

Fits Diana 34, Ruger Air Hawk, Ruger Blackhawk and other copies.
Triple guide silence
"New PG2 sli
Vortek Moly-Core seal requires no special, expensive super lubes such as MicroLubro226, Krylox205-22
"New High Output Damping Tuning Module fitting the AirArms TX200.
This is the latest model to our p
New Hi-Yield Crome Vanadium-K wire spring replacement
Closed, ground and polished spring with sprin
Upgrade your Diana 48, 52, 54, 460 and 470 rifle with Vorteks latest PG2 tune kit.
Increase accurac
Excellent for lubricating spring piston chambers and seals

Excellent for metal to metal contact poi
Vortek HW50 PG2 Tune Kit SHO (Super High Output) 12+ FPE

Kit Includes:
Valve quality steel spri
<b>PG2 Tune Kit</b>
Fits Diana 350, Bam 28 & Ruger Air Magnums
Includes O-Ring ProSeal28 & Breech Se
<b>PG-2 Tune Kits</b>

<b>Benefits of the PG-2 System</b>
PG2 Three (3) fitted precision guides th
HW97 Module Kit (16j /12ft/lbs)
This is a Dual-Guide, Dual Material tune kit assembly
Upgrade to a high quality spring, piston seal and silencing guide.
Decrease vibration and increase
"A Very Quiet sub 12 ft/lb output-Drop-in tuning kit using our new 730113 series spring technology f
Convert your old leather Diana piston seals easily with a simple pop-on, precision machined conversi
Our Adapters and Seals are precision machined and easy to DIY simply by using a driver to remove th
Thick Cut, harden metric size Bearing Washers
Add more pre-load to spring without having to change T
<h2><i>NEW ProSEAL28 Piston Seal with Moly Color 'Black</h2></1>

Precision CNC machined from tough
Buna 90D O-ring fitting the exact size of the machined breech grove in Diana/RWS 34 type airgun bree
Vortek precision machined seal for Weihrauch/Beeman R8/HW30-HW77old-Marksman 55/70 old.
CNC precisio
Machine to slide into Diana/RWS SideLever type Compression Tube Breech
RWS48 /52/54/56/46/460/470 BR
Converts HW35 and HW80 older airguns with leather seals to be able to switch from leather to a high
"Easily increase your air gun velocity by replacing the standard HW factory seal. The VacSEAL26 (VS9
Buna 90D O-ring fitting the exact size of the machined breech grove in Diana/RWS 350 type airgun bre
CNC precision machined HiY rubber
Geometrically matching breech to barrel size
Flexible and easy to

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