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H&N provides the highest quality airgun ammunition for precision target shooting, hunting, plinking and Olympic competition.

Made in Germany and manufactured to the highest standards.

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The Sniper Light is a barrel-shaped high-velocity competition and hunting pellet. It is designed spe
Designed specifically for PCP airguns. The Piledriver pellets with their unique shape deliver devast
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H&N Hornet .177 Cal, 8.8gr

NEW devastating hunting pellet from H&N
.177 calibre (4.5mm)
8.8 grains
Hollowpoint with pointed
.22 calibre (5.5mm)
Copper-coated lead pellets with domed head delivers hard impact and keeps finger
.22 calibre
18.21 grains
200 ct

Made in Germany
H&N is considered by many to be the world's premier pellet maker. Besides their stable of highly reg
These heavy hunting bullets, made especially for powerful air rifles, feature a star-shaped hollow p
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.177 caliber (actual diameter is 4.46mm)
21 grains
250 pellets
Excite Smart Shot copper plated lead BBs might just be the safest BBs available. Ricochet from hard
H&N Terminator pellets have a small lead projection in the center of the head that will deliver addi
Medium-weight, extremely accurate competition pellet with flat trajectory for medium ranges. Excepti
The popular Crow Magnum pellets have been a favourite among airgunners for years.
Medium-weight, h
Tremendous shock effect
Heavy, exceptionally accurate hunting pellet for long ranges. Deep, cross-s
.177 caliber
8.64 grains
200 pellets
Maximum possible impact
Very heavy hunting projectile for long ranges. Unique aerodynamic torpedo d
.22 calibre (5.52mm)
21.14 grains
Round nose
200 count

Made in Germany
.177 caliber
8.64 grains
Round nose
500 pellets
Hollowpoints pellets are intended for hunting. H&N Baracuda Hunter Extreme pellets go one step beyon
Designed to the highest grade of pellet available
Handsorted quality

.177 calibre
7.56 grains
.22 calibre (5.51mm)
21.14 grains
Round nose
200 count

Made in Germany
.25 caliber
27.47 grains
200 pellets

H&N Baracuda Hunter pellets are quite heavy and wi
The premiere accuracy pellet in the H&N Match line. These Olympic level accuracy pellets are what y
Maximum shock effect and deformation
Medium-weight, hunting pellet with flat trajectory for medium

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